The House Whisperer: The Art of Listening


One of the ways that we at Ann Lowengart Interiors set ourselves apart is how we listen carefully to our clients, their words and their silences. As a part of the onboarding process, we spend time with the homeowners looking through images that inspire them, walking through the property together and hearing what their dreams are for each space. We ask questions about how they want their homes to look, feel, and function.


For a recent project in a classic San Francisco William Wurster house, we subtly incorporated the wife's love of all things equine and the husband's passion for sports into the interiors. Using rustically elegant materials and thematic art and accessories, we etched these motifs throughout the design. To complement the iconic modernist architecture, urban landscape, and Bay views, contemporary silhouettes and a neutral color palette were employed. The family enjoys entertaining and the multi-level home features a gourmet kitchen, wine room, and ample areas for dining and relaxing. An elevator conveniently climbs to the top floor where a serene master suite awaits. Our reward as the designer was walking through the finished home with the wife who loved everything from the furnishings down to the smallest details.