ICAA Legacy Dinner


I really loved attending this year’s Institute of Classic Architecture and Art (ICAA) Legacy Dinner held at the San Francisco War Memorial.  The event was a great celebration of interior designer Suzanne Tucker.  

Image  Meriwether

I was telling my kids about the quintessential ballroom with the oversized chandeliers and glorious turquoise walls and gold details.  The room reminded me of the ballrooms described in the stories like Cinderella that I used to read (ok, watch) with Elizabeth when she was tiny.  

I was lucky enough to be seated next to badass builder, Clayton Timbrell, who happens to be a super fab dinner partner.  Another highlight was my office neighbor, Ed Westbrook of QuarryHouse who manufactured the little marble plaques they gave away as favors. I put mine in my window that looks out across to his office.  

Image  ICAA

Image ICAA

One of my favorite parts were the beautiful centerpieces provided by Flowers Claire Marie. She definitely lived up to her image as the most bespoke floral designer in San Francisco. As a Marin County interior designer, I loved being with work friends not only from my neck of the woods but the Peninsula, Napa Valley, and of course the City. 

My other favorite part was watching the venerable architect Andy Skurman sing a song to the guest of honor. First of all, I would never know he was so talented in that regard, and also that he was so ballsy.  Go, Andy!